Thoughts flow within me
Like an endless stream
Drifting past the forest pines
Touching the very heart of my soul
Revealing my innermost dreams
Making me free as a butterfly.
My thoughts dance to the music
                          of the wind in the trees
                          the songs of the birds
                          and the roar of waterfalls.

Suddenly -- a storm crashes through
Blocking out my peace with broken
Dreams thundering inside me,
Haunting memories flashing past like lightning
Tears are raining upon my
Peaceful, happy thoughts.
The stream is now a broken mirror
                           reflecting shattered images
                           broken promises
                           and a broken self.

I hear music........
My soul is filling with harmony
After each storm I gain new meaning and expression
Yet my innermost dreams are still clinging
While my rainbow of thoughts stretches
Through my soul and beyond
Glowing radiantly until --
                            I burst
                            and feel
                            and can be
                                  The inner me.

— Word Nerd, 1976

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